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JD Protect work with world-leading brands 3M, Racing Optics and PremiumShield to deliver the best screen and paintwork protection solutions for the automotive, motorsport, military and transport industries. 

Our ethos is to deliver a premium service supported by best-in-class protective films and install techniques. Our direct long-term relationships with specialist film manufacturers give us the expertise to deliver the highest level of protection to glass and paintwork; we have a professional approach and technically advanced products for attention to detail and high-quality work. 

JD Protect operates in Chelmsford in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our specialist installers also travel nationwide for onsite application where required. 

Paint protection film

Paint Protection Film is a must-have to protect your vehicle from road chips and scratches. We use bespoke software systems to produce PPF kits for a precise fit. This ultra-clear self-healing film will keep your bodywork safe from environmental damage and in turn will increase the residual value of your vehicle. To compliment this product, we also offer full car detailing service for paintwork correction and a ceramic coating service (exclusively to our PPF customers).

Prestige cars

Classic cars

Motorsport cars

Lease vehicles

Racing Optics

Applied as a single or multi-layered film to glass, acrylic or polycarbonate screens, Racing Optics optically clear film increases long-term visibility and protects screens from potential damage, chips and scratches. Racing Optics produce highly technical films designed to enhance safety and performance across many industries, leading to significant cost savings. This film is the ultimate screen protector, backed by extensive industry-specific testing.

Racing Optics is widely used in motorsport but also can be applied to military and commercial use to protect expensive screens and lenses exposed to harsh environments:


Motorsport windscreens


Military vehicle screens and lenses


Marine vessels


Building and demolition vehicles


Commercial Vehicles


Anti-graffiti film is a revolution in terms of cost saving particularly in public transport. Supplied as a single or 3-layer film, it is designed to protect interior or exterior glass and polycarbonate surfaces from stains, scratches, graffiti, and vandalism. Each layer can be removed quickly to reveal an unblemished substrate. The film helps companies keep their environment in good condition and reduces cost in cleaning and replacing damaged substrates.


Platform advertising media and transport shelters


Instrument dials


Commercial and industrial window displays


Stainless steel walls, elevator doors and high value electronics

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