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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection films have been in the marketplace for some time now, however, not all products are the same. The JD Protect product has been developed over many years and when coupled with our install expertise, the product gives a superior optically clear result with full panel coverage to any motor vehicles including cars, motorbikes and boats.

JD Protect PPF is a UV resistant urethane film with a pressure sensitive acrylic glue, highly conformable to complex curves, allowing for perfect installation and longevity. This product comes with a 5-year warranty when applied on road cars.

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Prevent Surface Damage with Paint Protection Film

Motorsports mean high speeds for your vehicle, and the price of experiencing this thrill is increased exposure to track debris which may chip or dent your car. This can be expensive as the owner of a racing vehicle. As gravel, stones or even bugs hit your car, there is the potential for surface damage to the carbon fibre panel work. Some areas of the car are more vulnerable to damage, such as the mirrors, bonnet, bumper, lights and wings. However, our Paint Protection film is specifically designed to protect your vehicle’s vulnerable paintwork from road debris and stone chips. You can either choose to cover the most exposed parts of your vehicle, or else opt to cover the entire car for maximum peace of mind.

The JD Paint Protection film is a wise investment for your motor and comes with a 5-year warranty. In cases of severe damage, it will be the film that becomes scratched or damaged rather than the paintwork underneath. If you need to remove and replace part of the vehicle, for example the bumper, then you can simply install a fresh section of film to go over the new part, instead of requiring an entire repeat application.

Paint Protection Film Installers Improve Resell Value

It’s important to think of the resell value of your vehicle – even if you don’t feel ready to part with it yet, you may wish to upgrade your motor at some point down the line. By protecting the paintwork of your car as soon as possible, your vehicle will look as pristine as the day you purchased it which will help retain aesthetic value to a potential owner. However, it’s important to select paint protection film installers such as ourselves, who are highly skilled and with almost a decade of experience in this type of product installation.

Joyce Design - Auto
Joyce Design - Auto

If you would like to find out how we can protect your paintwork, contact us 01245 283 843 or email us at

Joyce Design - Auto

Paint Protection Film UK Wide

The JD Protect paint protection film can be supplied as a simplified kit for DIY fit (supplied with basic fitting instructions) or expertly installed UK-wide by our fitting teams. Our paint protection film UK template engineers are able to produce paintwork films for any type of model and make of vehicle. For road vehicles manufactured since 2000, these have usually been pre-cut as a pattern design, and will subsequently be plotter-cut upon ordering.

Keeping your sponsors happy is easier to achieve if their logos remain intact and highly visible when you’re on the track. By investing in a bespoke template design for your vehicle, you can ensure that the branding is unspoiled and looks vibrant when you’re racing across the finish line.  Get in touch today to book your paint protection film UK wide installation appointment.


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