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Racing Optics Windscreen Tearoff

The JD protect range now includes the market leading Racing Optics windscreen tear off product.

Racing Optics tears offs are very different from other types of windscreen protection available on the market. Our windscreen tearoffs use a multi-layer optically clear film (Mylar TM) manufactured by DuPont. This product allows drivers to have a great visual perception alongside top of the range windscreen protection.

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Why You Need A Racing Optics Windscreen Tear off

Motorsport relies on making fast real-time decisions during a race, and often this includes navigating the dangers of chips, gravel or other track fragments hitting the windscreen as you drive. When cracks start to appear, the vision of the driver is compromised which significantly increases the risk of accidents occurring. Even when the windscreen isn’t physically damaged, dirt or bugs sprayed across the glass can also obstruct the visibility and increase the possibility of mistakes being made on the track.

These are all reasons why it’s essential that windscreens are fully protected with tear offs made from the most reliable materials. As a result, JD Protect has chosen to partner with Racing Optics for the best solution in windscreen tear offs, allowing drivers to benefit from a brand new windscreen layer within seconds.


The Technology Behind Racing Optics Tear offs

Mylar is a term often used to describe plastic film in general, but it actually refers to Dupont’s biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BoPET) film, which is a leading polyester film used in a range of industrial applications and of course in motorsports. The properties of the film which make it so versatile include excellent moisture and heat resistance. The film also offers strong protection against friction, tears and punctures, helping track debris not to compromise the safety of the driver. Mylar film is also used to coat the windscreens of aircrafts proving how durable it is in the harshest of conditions.

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Joyce Design - Auto

Windscreen Tear Offs on the Track

The JD Protect Racing Optics windscreen tearoff is a 4-layer system that can be applied to lexan, makrolon, polycarbonate or glass windscreens. Endurance race teams will use the Racing Optics product to refresh the windscreen throughout a race. When the vehicle returns to the pits, a single layer can be removed in seconds revealing a perfectly clear new layer without track debris, bugs or stone damage. The Sprint series use the Racing Optics product to give unequalled protection and save the unnecessary cost of replacing a windscreen after every race!

JD Protect also offers the Racing Optics product as a single layer protection. Using the exact same vinyl technology as the multi-layer version, it is an ideal choice for tin top or classic car racers.

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If you would like to find out how we can protect your windscreen contact us on 01245 283 843 or email us at

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Fitting Your Racing Optics Tear Offs

It is recommended that either the Racing Optics tear offs or the single layer alternative are professionally fitted by our UK based install team to ensure a perfect result, as this requires expert moulding skills. We can fit at trackside as we attend all major UK motorsports events and offer fitting slots for your installation. However, as there is limited availability, it’s a good idea to book up in advance to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, if it’s more convenient for you, we’re able to visit your premises across the UK.

If you require any advice on windscreen tearoffs for your racing vehicle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – our professional team will be happy to talk you through the options available and book you in for your installation appointment.


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