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Safety and Security Films (SAS)

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JD Protect recommend 3M Scotchshield Automotive Security film for the prevention of glass shattering under hi-impact. Originally developed for the road car market with anti-glare and heat reduction properties, it is now available as a totally clear film. Having partnered with 3M for almost a decade, we’re proud to be able to present this superior security film product to our customers, which many motorsport championships have adopted as part of their mandatory regulations.

Windscreen Protection Film Deters Thieves

However, the inbuilt automotive film protection of the SAS product also reinforces the glass from the outside, making it extremely difficult for thieves to smash through. Just having this type of glass installed is a huge deterrent to smash and grab opportunists looking to steal or vandalise your motorsports vehicle.

Joyce Design - Auto
Joyce Design - Auto

If you would like to find out how we can protect your windows from shattering, contact us 01245 283 843 or email us at

Joyce Design - Auto

Authorised 3M Window Film Installers

3M Scotchshield Automotive Security film should be professionally fitted by skilled and experienced 3M window film installers like ourselves. We can offer a full installation service UK-wide – alternatively we are happy to supply the film for a DIY fit: 3M SAS film comes in a width of 1524mm and can be supplied by the linear metre. Once installed, your windows can be considered ready after just 24 hours. Get in touch today with any queries and to book in for your appointment.


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